Full Disclosure: I am a strong believer in the abilities of social media platforms and have an account is almost every one of them. I am publishing this article based on what I have felt using these platforms for more than a decade — beginning from the “Orkut” world. I am sure there are a lot of things that our society did well, because of the rise of social media. However, my article is going to focus on the other side of it — viewed from my angle of the lens.

Though I live in the United States, I am an avid follower of things that happen around the globe and especially in my native— India. If you are one of those folks who fight against fake news and stand up for privacy, you would have already noticed that most of…

Those of you who are into development on Salesforce’s Force.com platform probably know what a batch job or batch apex is. Me too thought I knew a thing or two about this. Through my seven years of development on the platform, I have used the batch feature may be around…

Srinath Therampattil

Tech Evangelist | Family Lover | Embrace Nature

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